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  • Winning At Interview on Nov. 07, 2011

    I bought this book because I've been looking for a job for about 6 weeks now with little luck. It's years since I did an interview and I've got one coming up this week so panic stations! I don't normally write reviews but thought this book deserved one simply because I feel so much better about Thursday now than I did a few days ago. The book isn't too long (big plus when you're stressed!) but the biggest thing for me anyway was that it focuses you on what the interviewer wants to hear - rather than what you maybe are intending on selling. I've prepared a lot for my interview since reading this and I actually feel like I will get the job too. I personally wouldn't use 100% of what this book has to offer but you can take or leave what works for you - none of it is bad advice. The questions and answers section is worth the purchase price on its own. Sorry, I'm rambling now, nervous tension for Thurs prob. In short: great book, easy to read, and seriously good value for money if (when) I get this job!!!!