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  • The Last King's Amulet on July 04, 2011
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    Sumto is a lazy gambler, who enjoys his drinking. Well I could identify with that and immediately started off with a degree of empathy for the chap! Author Chris Northern has invented and developed a vast fantasy world loosely based on technology and political construction similar to that that we might associate with the early Roman empire. Into this he has introduced a complex magic system only ordinarily used by the ruling classes. The reader, through the wonderful first hand accounts of the anti-hero Sumto, is then shown this world of adventure and intrigue. The secondary characters, Meran and his love interest Jocasta are equally in depth. Together they struggle against very powerful enemies and events much larger than they. At times I roared out loud with laughter, the humour is well placed and delicately managed. It serves as a marvellous introduction novel to what might hopefully be a series. I thoroughly enjoyed this recommend it whole heartedly to anyone looking for a tale of adventure in a whole new world.