Glen Johnson


After a few frustrating years trying to make a living as a landscape photographer, I was invited to shoot pictures at my sister's wedding and I absolutely loved it. That first encounter with wedding photography planted me firmly on a path that would eventually lead me to hundreds of weddings, two full passports and a lot of valuable experience that I can now pass down to couples that are looking to hire a photographer.

As a child, the idea of traveling the world and living the life of a photographer seemed like such a far away dream. Now I look at all the spots on my map and each one is filled with memories of the people I've met and the things I've seen and done in each place. It's still a dream, and the places all blend together in my poor memory, but now the dream has faces and the taste of wonderful food and beautiful mountains and coral reefs with incredible fish, and huge sea turtles and colored eels and birds and butterflies and rum and music and people dancing in the sand and lonely beaches and juicy mangoes and coconuts and wild taxi rides and Rastas and the smell of a muddy trail along the side of a river that winds deeper and deeper into a real jungle. That's all quite a lot of adventure for a Texan.

Who would have thought that a camera could take you to so many strange places.

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