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  • Who Will Save the Planet? on May 03, 2012

    Jason is a teenage Greenie, much to the frustration of his fisherman father. His radical views, (for someone of his age) result in him asking the PM of Australia to sign up to emission control targets. The repercussions of his seemingly ‘simple’ request take weeks to sort out. Over the course of the school holidays, Jason learns about the difficulties in managing a country; the amazing balancing act of keeping Australia’s economy, healthcare, education, environment and industry functioning; and how challenging it is to come up with conclusive reports on the health of the planet. McLennan conveys these very real issues skilfully through the viewpoint of a normal Australian teenager. His analogies for are wonderful; resulting in an engaging read that explains climate change and the problems relating to dealing with it very easy to understand, even though the problems themselves are very complex. I would recommend this book to any teenager, or older, who has an interest in the health of the planet and cares about what will happen to generations to come. Well worth the read. Well done!