Smashwords book reviews by GoblinBabe

  • LEXX Unauthorized - Backstage at the Dark Zone on Dec. 10, 2017

    This is an in-depth look at the making of Lexx. For those who don’t know the show, it’s a Canadian/German sci-fi series with a cult following, in which a beautiful love slave, a cowardly security guard, a dead assassin and a sarcastic robot head get control of the Lexx (an enormous living spaceship genetically engineered from an insect) and find themselves in the Dark Zone – a universe of chaos and depravity. Often described as Star Trek’s evil twin, personally I tend to think of Lexx as Red Dwarf with sex and violence. This first volume focusses on the four feature-length episodes which formed the first season, covering the challenges facing an independent production company trying to film an ambitious sci-fi series in two different countries, with a fraction of Star Trek’s budget – but with far more imagination. Valdron seems to have spoken to everyone who was ever involved with the show, so there’s enough detail here to keep the most trivia-hungry fan happy for hours – it’s clearly a labour of love. The book also covers Salter Street’s pre-Lexx projects, making it almost a mini-history of the development of the film and television industry in Nova Scotia. I’ve been a Lexx fan for twenty years, but there was stuff in here even I didn’t know. I couldn’t put it down, and stayed up late into the night reading it – can’t wait for the next instalment…