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  • Caution Tape on May 12, 2012

    I FIGURED OUT HOW TO REVIEW. Love the book, I especially enjoyed nearly every interaction they had with each other as I was never sure what to expect, it could be funny or sickeningly sweet to infuriating in a rapid sequence and that kept me entertained.
  • Road Signs on June 12, 2012

    A very good read filled with both emotional and humorous moments, the development of characters opened up countless new ways to relate to the characters. A new plot development regarding the families. With the bridges temporarily patched between Jason and rika I'm curious to see what's in store for them and that preview only served to intrigue me further.
  • Double Parked on Sep. 09, 2012

    You should know that I had been making a mental check list of things to mention and praise you for however.... You killed the dog... How could you... Everything listed for an indebth review retreated from my mind at that scene and refused to return. I do like Levi he is In my opinion arguably the best man to be introduced since Alister back in the football game on webcam in the first book. His background in the navy and the circumstances of his own conception really made his cold attitude more agreeable. It's rather comical the way he is seemingly embarrassed easily despite his cold appearance. The entire last 150+ pages where all the action started was incredibly gripping enough so that I refused to stop reading it at 8am after being ip all night. Hisoka adapted remarkable well to all the danger especially compared to the other "normal" teens and I could of swore there was some form of attachment between eri and her but that could have just been the sleep deprivation. The last thing I can think of was the very touching scene of hiromasa on his death bed. Even after all the coldness he showed rika that he made that last attempt to give her information that would keep her safe and tell her his true feelings was a very touching scene. I do however wish she just killed the rest of the family -.-