Charles Markee


Born and raised in San Francisco, Charles spent his boyhood summers wandering the hills, creeks and forests of northern California with his two best friends, sharing adventures that shaped some of the activities in Irish the Demon Slayer. After graduating from the University of California in Berkeley he joined the Bay Area technology explosion, a choice that helped him support and raise a family of six boys and three girls. With his family grown, he left Silicon Valley in 2001 to forge a career in creative writing.

Fascinated by a recorded interview of poet Ella Young, the Irish mystic and rebel who communicated with animals, trees and even rocks, Charles began to explore the mythologies associated with his Irish heritage. His two years of research uncovered multiple interpretations, a characteristic of oral history. He also toured Ireland to see the locations mentioned in the ancient Irish tales. Although based on this folklore, the characters and events in this book are purely fictional, an expression of the author’s imagination.

Charles and his wife enjoy life at their Moonview Cabin in the wine country of Northern California.

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