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Graduated with a degree in English literature and French. retired as a certified school nurse from New Jersey and now live in Florida. Am currently writing my memoirs but have nothing published. My hobbies include reading, writing, gardening, yoga, and traveling with my husband in our RV. We have been in all 50 states and love to explore our national parks.


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Smashwords book reviews by Anna Fox

  • The Lure Of Annabelle Key Lighthouse on June 12, 2012

    The author tells an engaging story with characters that are fully described. The story unfolds by introducing each character with his or her own chapter. The quotations at the beginning of each chapter set the tone. I especially liked the quotes from Thoreau, Nietzche, Baldwin, Emerson,and Holmes. We see James and Nichole's relationship as an honest and playful one while they learn to trust one another. We learn how James struggles with his doubts about himself and resolves his questions about Nichole's motives through the author's technique of allowing us inside James' internal dialogue. Other characters that I found equally endearing were Jonathan, Connie, Jess, and Aunt Effie. They each hint at an untold story beyond the one presented to us. After Nichole takes James to Annabelle Key Lighthouse the story takes on a new urgency and is hard to put down. I also enjoyed reading how Johnathan took care of the leatherback sea turtles, their nesting sites, and precautions against pollution from man; how the red tide is formed and its effects on marine life. Florida's natural beauty is described in a way that makes the reader want to learn more. The ending of the story is very poignant as James finds a way to help Nichole overcome her depression after the death of her mother. He looks inside himself to find the key that stimulates Nichole's nurturing instincts and leads her to look beyond her own pain. The reader is uplifted by these teenagers who find their own way through the vicissitudes of life to happiness and love. review by Anna Fox.