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IT technician by day, fledgling author by night. I mostly write fantasy, from fairytale short stories to swords & sorcery style epics. I've also recently branched out into paranormal/urban fantasy and sci-fi and even western! I write for fun and try to make that show in my work. I am a one-man team, doing all my own writing, editing, promotion, and cover art.

My current project is the Tales from the Green series, an ongoing fantasy epic. It is a story for all ages, one filled with action and adventure, but also one that doesn't take itself too seriously. You can check out the first two installments, The Magic Flute and The Wizard's Tome right now at Smashwords or Amazon. The third book in the series, The Tainted Sliver, is in the works and should be out sometime in 2011.

Check out my blog at http://sdbest.blogspot.com for more news, updates about various projects, and other random stuff. I can also be found at Kindleboards.com and Mobileread.com under the name Greenkeeper and the Amazon book forums under my real name.

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