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  • Star Wars - Artoo Detoo: Droid of a Kind (Volume 1) on May 29, 2012

    The introduction CLEARLY states that English is not this person's first language. I can only imagine trying to write a novel in a different language and the syntax errors I would run into. That being said, you can still get what this book is about. This is a wonderfully thought out story that takes us "behind the scenes" of pre-Phantom Menace Naboo. The descriptions put me right there with Padme and her family. The origin of Artoo is equally delightful and the author captures the feisty essence of our beloved droid. Twists and turns abound in this novel that will keep you wondering what's beyond the next page. A new Darth Maul, new characters, and what's that? Dare I say an IMPROVED Jar-Jar Binks? Very nice!