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I read fiction (mostly). Historical, in the vein of Ken Follet's World Without End or Winter. Suspense, and my favorites are Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Human-interest (yes, I refuse to call it Women's Fiction) in the style of Isabel Allende, Maeve Binchy and Nicholas Evans. Literary: think Gabriel Garcia Marquez, James Joyce, Henry Miller, DH Lawrence, Elena Poniatowska.

I write, too. Short stories and novels, and the inspiration for both is cultural differences. All my life it's fascinated me that, humanity being such a minuscule sliver of the evolution of Life, so much so that we're basically identical to one another in comparison with every other thing in the universe, we focus instead in what makes us different from each other. It's like only in difference we find identity. I'm no judge--I just like to explore the idea of why, and how, and what consequences it has.

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  • A to Z Stories of Life and Death on Nov. 13, 2011

    D. Biswas is a master of the short fiction genre. She draws the reader into the story with a talent for descriptive narration that borders on the genius--why? Because she rarely describes per se. She builds the scene, the characters and the setting with sparse words, and yet the world she draws us into is real and palpable. Her characters jump off the page, bursting with life--with dreams, with desires, with shortcomings, with moral dilemmas. A to Z Stories is the first short story collection I've read in a long time that I simply could not put down. Cannot wait for more of her work.