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Wow. The bio that was here for several years sounded like it was written by someone with a stick up their butt. I think I copied it from the Wikipedia entry about me. (And guess who >that< was written by? ~_^)

Here is a more practical overview of who I am and where I’m at.
I'm a full-time writer and editor, although my attention also wanders to a wide range of other passions: music, DIY, aviation, film-making, product design and manufacture, you name it.

The bottom line is: as Jim Morrison once said, “I’ll always be a word man, better than a bird man.”

I do love language. I love communication, sharing ideas, telling stories. I agree with Flaubert’s notion that “language is like a cracked kettle on which we beat out crude rhythms for bears to dance to, all the while longing to move the stars to tears of pity.”

I also should mention that my novel, Purgatory, was penned about a decade ago. While I stand by the quality of the art I produced, and I’m proud of the love and effort I poured into that book, I was a different person then.

I’ve come a long way on this wonderful journey, I’ve turned some pretty psycho corners en route, and I’m really happy about how the road ahead is shaping up.

Smashwords Interview

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
The joy of life. I am delighted to report that I recently experienced a life-changing epiphany, whose implications are spawning practical distributaries, Mandelbrot-fashion, into my everyday existence. So that's a project which is taking up a huge proportion of my attention span, and motivates me to do all the other things I must. Alongside my inevitable obligations as a father and a husband, each day spurs me with the yearning to fling my spirit as far in the direction of a low Jupiter orbit as I can.
Describe your desk
This one isn't what it used to be. I recently did a massive overhaul of storage space and work areas in my den/studio/office... now all I need to do is find the right places for everything. Which in itself is going to be a wonderful exteriorisation of how I arrange my mind.

But I really should answer the question: my desk is half James Bond, half Takeshi Kovacs. The 'main' area has a timber floorboard desktop with a hidden compartment that holds my 24-track hard drive recorder (true story!) as well as some shelves and drawers.

The 'side desk' is sleek, black and Tron-inspired. Its plywood edges glow with a turquoise wash. It's fully 2400mm wide, but folds down to 1200mm and the legs roll in for recording vocals or acoustic instruments in a sound-isolation area.
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Price: $2.15 USD. Words: 89,550. Language: Australian English. Published: November 13, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias
Purgatory is a dystopian mystery in three acts, with elements of surrealism, horror and science fiction. It describes the protagonist's experiences in an environment he believes to be Hell, although it gradually becomes apparent that his understanding of reality may not be entirely sound.

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