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Experiential Metaphysical Practitioner, Oneness Deeksha Giver, Minister, Writer, Spiritual Healer, and Trainer in the fields of:
THE Moksha Touch, Reiki, Sacred Sexuality and Moksha, Energy Work, the Chakras, and Soulful Intimacy.

Smashwords Interview

You define yourself as an "Experiential Metaphysical Practitioner," help us understand what you mean by that.
Alright, fasten your seatbelt …

People need labels to define me; the best I can offer is that I am an “experiential metaphysical practitioner”. As a whole, it is simply a mouthful of syllables to say that I embrace life on many realms. I seldom go forth by study; I go forth by openness to experience. I see myself as the actor and the audience all at once; some people call the audience, “the observer”.

The more we free ourselves from the trappings of the mind and our past feelings as emotions, the more we can become experiential beings. We become present in the Now. Our learning is not by rhetorical study, but by observing what is alive within and around us. That is how we learned in infancy; we experienced, we explored, and we took in knowing with every perception available to us. Others may come before us to teach us, but we learn far more as the observer of their truth than by what they say. Again though, this needs to be both what is real within us and what we perceive from all that is around us.

This is being experiential; it is a state of openness and trust in Self [divine essence]. The more opened we become, the more we see.

So metaphysical. For me metaphysics has four components. The first is our ability to see that which mankind proclaims as unseen. The most common is to see energies, but seeing energies has many forms. We can see the common ghosts, auras, chakras, and so on, yet we can also see the energies of masses, even disease. When carried far enough, we see inside the human body with explicit detail.

At first, I questioned my sanity in these realms. Other "seers" saw me as a seer far before I would embrace myself as one. Eventually though, I had enough affirmative feedback to quantify the accuracy of my sight.

Affirmation first began while partnered with an MD. I experienced lower bowel discomfort and she responded with her assumed diagnosis. I simply closed my eyes and looked within. I began describing the interior of my bowels in detail. She became furious; her eight years of post-graduate study and well over a 100k of tuition were seemingly unnecessary. I have no medical training.

Perhaps though, the greatest affirmative challenge of my sightedness was in late 2013. Except for scenarios like my prior MD partnership, there was little if any hard core "proof" about what I could see. This occasion brought forth every self-doubt and question of trust I could conjecture.

The scenario involved a partnership complaining about pain, seemingly in her uterus; her concern was over her IUD. I looked at her uterus [I no longer need to close my eyes] and described what I saw. Neither one of us knew what the IUD should look like, so we looked it up on the internet. Ultimately, she had no idea which of the myriad of IUDs she had and I kept searching until I found the one matching my vision. I was left with a concern though, the internet did not define proper placement of this IUD which could be the cause of her pain.

Her gynecologist ordered a vaginal sonogram which I attended despite the protest of the sonographer. When the sonogram exposed the IUD, I excitedly exclaimed, "No one can ever tell me I can't see what I see." I was still concerned for placement, but the gynecologist confirmed it as correct.

Sightedness goes further, but description is unwarranted here. It suffices to say, the first element of metaphysics is seeing.

The second component is working with energy to cause redirection or alteration. It becomes prevalent in helping clear energy blockages and seeing causation of those blockages, even the thoughts, feelings, and actions behind them.

The third component is transformation of energies; metaphysics places no limits on transformation. My ordination as a minister was by Willard Fuller []. His healing with over 160,000 people was by the laying of hands, and in the process, it included dental healings. These dental healings were so powerful as to turn fillings to gold. While I don't know if I have participated in a person's fillings turning to gold, I have participated in healings every bit as physically transformational.

And finally, the fourth component is knowing without knowledge. We possess this through Universal knowledge. The Universe [by any name] is energy and all energy contains information. When we tap into this, we know. We know without knowing.

Whew … okay, presuming you made it this far without wanting to place me in a mental-ward, I'll define my usage of "practitioner." It could be argued that since I do not make my living by my defined works, I am not really a practitioner. First and foremost, I do not practice, I DO. When one considers a profession though, for me, it speaks more of what they are doing with their life than how they draw a paycheck. Thus, for me, practitioner best describes my presence in life, paycheck or not. If you know a better word to use, please do pass it along.
Why do you feel compelled to write?
My writing began as a form of self-expression in my later teens. Regrettably, at that time I showed a poem I'd written to my father. His reply was, "That's great if your name is Francis Bacon, but it isn't." Needless to say, I took that to heart and felt wholly unworthy of inscribing another word.

As life marched on, my writing turned to legal documents, some reporting, and instructions; they were all forms of my involvement with the world around me but gave little room for expressing the deeper elements of my soul, my very spirit essence. In the late 90's, that Self-suppression snapped.

In the beginning of that snap, I had no real concept of why I was writing, I simply wrote because I had to express what was real within me. Those first pages were simply snippets of writing about what I experienced in life. Eventually, I had a scatted mess of documents but began seeing a correlation of categories. I was writing my first book without knowing it.

By the time I broke away from living the common life of mankind at the turn of the century, I had a completed book available, but nowhere to go with it. Realistically, it and I were not ready yet. It would be almost a full decade later that I understood what the purpose of those writings served beyond getting my own life into perspective. Its title went through permutations and has now come to realization as, "Awakening: Perspectives of Empowerment."

The writing bug had sunk in well though. During my travels over the initial two and half years, my writing was insatiable. My search for purpose and meaning was documented at every turn. That work is titled, "The Journey of the Fool: The Wandering Years."

Yet now, to actually address your question of compulsion, I have come to full realization of the "why." Once I surrendered my resistance to owning the name Guru Jah [more at:], I realized that my voice, my perspectives, my knowing is that which the people seek to embrace despite their fears of truth. So much of my work is done one-on-one or in small group presentations, but the masses need access beyond my simple presence. Thus, I write.

The goal in writing is consistent with my overall work within humanity. That goal is to help people find their Truth, to help them toward healing what ails them, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The net result is a healing of shattered, hurting souls, so desperately in need of repair. My singular motto to represent this work is, "To aid the Rise of Humanity."

The books are almost secondary. A lot of my writings appear on my webpages and are free to anyone. There are currently over 60 webpages and more happening soon. Even my new release of "Deepen Love and Happiness with Healthy Anger: A Guide to owning and Expressing our Feelings" will be posted there to read for free. Of course I want you to buy the print or eBook versions, but the message is more important than the money.

Guru Jah here …
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