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From a bare-foot 6 year old Ozark Foothills farm boy who was blessed with a 1st teacher that convinced us that "YOU CAN", to officer of a Memphis bank at age 22, to president of a small town bank at 32, to Senior Lending Officer of a Little Rock bank, to rescuing "failing" small banks. That made for an exciting 46-year career in banking with real estate as a sideline.

Operating a one-man real estate brokerage brought joy for 17 years.

No college education but constant study through industry related schools the last at age 62 resulting in the equivalent of a banking

Born in the depths of the Great Depression, I am grateful that my very poor small-farm parents were not pro-choice-death; else, I would not be here since they could ill afford another child. During my early years, mother was the sole caregiver for her mother who was dying an excruciation death with cancer. We had no phone, automobile, running water and luxuries but we cherished God and each other. We were grateful to God for clothes and food (mostly home grown or bartered.) Neighbors who had no food or warm clothing were poor. I did not realize that we qualified as poor until President Johnson defined it in the 1960's.

Married at age 18. Remain married to the same sweet lady 68 years later. Grandpa at 39. GreatGrandpa at 63.

At age 13, trusted in/exercised faith in/believed in Jesus to become a truly-born-again-child-of-God like He clearly defined in John 3. After intense conviction by God's Holy Spirit, Jesus saved my inner man, my spirit when I trusted Him and prayed, “God be merciful to me a sinner.” (Luke 16:13b)

Baptist deacon over 60 years. Sunday school teacher over 40 years. Student of God's Word for 70+ years. Enjoy sharing how Jesus loved me, pursued me and saved my spirit, my inner-man, making me eager for Him to Rapture God's-children any moment into His presence, in paradise with all of the truly-born-again-children-of-God or welcome me upon my impending death. I eagerly await either event.

I do NOT claim to be a "Christian" since I define that as being Christ-like. That word is miss-used and abused by many professed “Christians” and by the freethinking media.

I enjoy the study of God’s Word and the commentary of other students. I enjoy discussing specific points of interpretation with thinkers whose ideas differ.

I live 3 miles into the picturesque rolling Ozark foothills that light up each Fall with colors on a pallet that only God could paint. Upon semi-retirement, we built a new home next door to my 93-year-old mother-in-law. At 101, her only child cared for her 24/7 until her death at 106.

Our son, Tim retired 10-1-2015 from Senior Attorney to the Arkansas’ Election Commission. He has one un-married son. Timothy Jr recently announced that wife Lauren is expecting twins increasing to six Great grandchildren. Our daughter, Debbie Baker, deceased 12-4-13, has two children and four GRANDchildren.

In addition to discussing my understanding of God’s Word, I write about episodes from my life. A column series, Growing Up in the 1940's are included in the White County Citizen most Sunday's. Writing is influenced by my Savior, my parents, my banking career and from one-on-one experiences with powerful Arkansas political figures like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Orval Faubus, Winthrop Rockefeller, Dale Bumpers, David Pryor, Wilbur Mills, etc. 1-1-18

My passion is ...
My family, my Church, God’s Word and writing
I know too much about ...
My parents always told me ...
99.9% of this world's problems are the result of one person not understanding another person.
My childhood ambition ...
Play baseball for the Yankees since my Hall-of-Fame friend Bill Dickey gave me a glove that I could not afford.
My favorite memory ...
Proposing to and being wed to my wife of 68 years.
Why I write ...
To express my understanding of critical spiritual and personal issues.
What I am reading/watching/listening to ...
Reading: God's Word and commentaries thereon. Sports, educational subjects and spiritual subjects. Two daily newspapers.
Watch: News, old comedies, sports, and old who-dunits.
My first job ...
Child farm hand. That work ethic had a positive impact the remainder of my life. Minimum wage [65c per hour] Bank clerk was 1st off-farm.
My best moment ...
Trusting Jesus to save my soul to heaven and from the lake-of-fire.
My inspiration ...
To make a positive spiritual impact one-person-at-a-time especially through my writing.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
Born in the depths of the Great Depression (1933) to a Mama & Daddy that could ill afford another mouth to feed let alone a new child with colic and jaundice. I am grateful that abortion was not so popular else I might never have been born. It is ironic that all pro-abortionists/murderers are alive and protesting because their parents opted to let them live.

Born on an 80 acres rock/clay/sand strawberry/cotton farm in the Ozark Foothills, I was blessed with hard working parents that valued their children, their church and the freedom afforded by this country that Daddy fought for in France in WW1.

Being the maximum available, they attained a 9th grade education. Learning was pursued until their death. Daddy read two books during the last month of his life. After his death, my late Mother wrote a book on The Beatitudes entitled "The Search for Happiness" that I published..

From babyhood, my parents taught God's-Word. Learning was enhanced by Sunday School, Training Service, Prayer Service and Preaching all of which enhanced the eager desire to learn more about our Savior. At age 13, I believed in/trusted in/exercised faith in Jesus resulting in the eternal salvation of my soul/spirit. The result? All of my writing revolves around God's Word and my Father/son relationship to Him. I do NOT have religion, I have that relationship which inspires and energizes my writing.

I was blessed to learn the value of labor beginning at the age of five when Mother rigged a toe-sack for me to put the big-boles of cotton picked from the row ahead of her. I considered myself contributing to the good of our family. I belonged. I was contributing to the good of our family.

Teachers encouraged the imagination of six year olds with the "Little Engine that Could". When the first year of school ended, we were convinced that "WE Could." Their effort was enhanced by subsequent educators.
When did you first start writing?
Starting with "As I Recall" family history stories for GRANDchildren and GREATgrandchildren. Recently, those stories became a weekly column in the White County Citizen. I enjoy sharing my experience, knowledge and imagination accumulated while growing up on a hard-scrabble Ozark foothills farm and getting well acquainted with more than 20,000 people during 46 years of primarily sick small town banking plus 17 years of residential real estate brokerage. No time remained for anything but family and service to our Savior since I was consumed by following unethical and crooked predecessors whose mess I was challenged to clean up. Four times successful. One unsuccessful. That one was totally rotten as the result of stupid but not criminal actions. I requested the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to close it. They paid off the depositors 100%.
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