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  • The New Owners on March 16, 2012

    Just a wonderful book... I don't think I've ever seen such an account of emotional masochism
  • All The Way Down: A Denied Wife Disgraced on June 07, 2021

    As a regular reader of the author, I was extremely excited to see a full length book coming. The overall topic, a woman enthusiastically denial, public demotion, and embracing cuckqueaning is far too rare, and I hope to see many more books to come. I have not seen a book where the protagonist is so active in her own downward mobility story. It's incredibly exciting to read and I wish there was more in the genre. The time spent ensuring that the relationship between Husband and Wife was really well done and allowed for the more outrageous activities to be contextualised in a lovely way. I strongly recommend it if you're into any of the themes listed, you're unlikely to come across anything as good as this. My 4 stars is because I felt it was rushed, and really didn't open up the story. As an example, the story promises to explore her downfall, but she's left her job by chapter 5 with only one small vignette about trying to hide the situation from her colleagues. Chapter 4 has her Husband saying he'll make her resign in a humiliating fashion, and then we just jump ahead and her Husband simply called and didn't require her to face into it. At one point, she's being forbidden from going to the bathroom, and then two paragraphs later, without any meaningful interaction, she's simply taken to the bathroom for it to never be mentioned again. Overall, I really enjoyed the story, and I will rush out and buy every book that's coming. The use of enthusiastic consent I sincerely hope to see more.