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My name is Gwyn Mullett and I was born on 27th January 1946 in Montreal, Canada. We moved to Bristol, England in 1949. In 1953 we then moved again to the town of Wokingham being about 30 miles to the west of the new London airport named Heathrow. It was here that I grew up until I had completed my education and, in 1964, had qualified to go to the College of Air Training on the south coast at Hamble, near to Southampton.

I graduated in the summer of 1966 and joined BOAC in the August. I started my airline life flying the superb Vickers VC-10. On May 5th 1967 my lovely mother died and left a big void in my life. In 1968 I qualified As a Flight Navigator and ended up both flying and navigating up to 1971 when I converted onto the new 747 that had just been delivered from Mr. Boeing. In late 1971 B.O.A.C. and B.E.A. combined their talents to form British Airways or BA for short. In 1976 I went back to the VC-10 and completed a command course that year and became the youngest Captain since 1949 in the airline. In 1981 I converted to the 737 and discovered Europe, and in particular Berlin. I stayed until 1992 when I then converted onto the newer 747 model and remained there until my retirement on 27th. January 2001.

My private life has been a bit of a nightmare with two failed marriages behind me. The first marriage was in 1968 to Pam and lasted until 1978. The second one was in 1980 to Moya and lasted until 1995 and we had two children. Paul was born in 1980 and Jenny was born in 1983. The last and final marriage was to Jo in 1996 and I am still with her on my retirement.

This is my story of my life up to the point when I retired from flying with British Airways and its predecessor BOAC.

There were times when I was sad and there were times when I was happy. There were times when I do not believe what I did. I was stupid on some occasions but the funny thing is that if I was asked to do it all over again I would do exactly the same.

Enjoy my story

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“It was in the March that I nearly met my maker. I was in the descent and as we passed 10,000ft I brought the speed down to the required two hundred and fifty knots. We had just cleared the cloud cover and into clear skies and I was just changing a radio frequency when I suddenly looked up and saw a light aircraft about half a mile ahead coming straight at me descending at the same rate as I was.
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We landed at Prestwick on the Scottish west coast after just five hours and one minute from take-off at JFK. The scheduled time was six hours and twenty minutes so this was some achievement and to this day has never been beaten by a scheduled aircraft.

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