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Smashwords book reviews by Celia Yeary

  • Scattered Fake Sunflowers on Feb. 21, 2010

    With her usual superb writing style, LK Hunsaker has given us a short story filled with angst and hope. She cleverly connected the beginning of the story with the ending through the sunflowers. Any reader will love Sully's story. Celia Yeary
  • A Summer Collection on June 07, 2010

    Greetings, Readers--if you enjoy short romances you can read one at a time, and return to read another, you'll love the anthologies being produced by Victory Tales Press. "A Summer Collection" is the first, and watch for more anthologies centered around holidays, such as Halloween, and Christmas, as well as anthologies which center on a family saga. You'll have plenty to choose from, with established authors submitting to the press. Stay tuned, as the say, and come back to see what Victory Tales Press has to offer. Thank you. Celia
  • Rehearsal: A Different Drummer on July 16, 2010

    Rehearsal is a novel that revolves around the lives and interactions of members of a Seventies rock band called “Raucous.” Evan Scott, guitarist of the band, and Susie Brooks, a dancer, are a couple, but when guitarist Duncan O’Neil arrives on the scene, his heavy accent, independent lifestyle, and good looks “rock” the boat. With great secondary characters and intriguing sub-plots, Rehearsal takes the reader on an intense, emotional journey. The author has filled this lengthy novel with enduring human longings—heartbreak, insecurities, jealousy, disappointment, but most of all, love. With brilliant writing, Ms. Hunsaker uses the societal upheavals of the Seventies to mirror the turmoil in the characters’ lives. Both fans and non-fans of rock will appreciate and enjoy Rehearsal. The last page is not the end, however—a sequel is already available. Reviewed by Celia Yeary
  • Over the Coals on July 11, 2011

    OVER THE COALS The author, Laurean Brooks, writes wonderful, sweet, emotional stories. Her best talent is creating and developing strong characters to the point that you actually think you know them. In her short story, Over the Coals, she develops Jill Landers as a thoughtful, caring young woman whose Christianity keeps her centered and balanced. However, even the most dedicated person can fall prey to a scoundrel. She does just that with a man named Craig who is all show with nothing substantial when it comes to true feelings. When he devastates her and skips town with more than her heart, Jill is left feeling vulnerable and alone. Jill meets gentle Rob Canter at a backyard cookout. She likes his good looks, and his boisterous fun-loving ways, but when she tries to get close, his personality shifts to a completely different person—aloof and standoffish. Why? Why does he shy away from her at one point but watches her from another? Why does he act friendly and gregarious, but then turns away or puts distance between himself and others? Soon, she learns Rob harbors a secret that he wants to keep from everyone, even pretty, pleasing Jill. Somehow, she knows she must confront him on some level so he might learn to stop running from his past and risk happiness. That accidental meeting is the turning point in the story. Trust me, you will love how this develops. I highly recommend Over the Coals. Celia Yeary
  • Pier Lights on March 09, 2013

    Ella M. Kaye has a wonderful beginning to, I hope, A Pier Lights Series. In this first novel, she tells a riveting tale about Dio and Caroline. These two dancers hold secrets that hurt not only themselves, but anyone whom they might connect with. It's a visual kind of story, including dance of the classic kind,as well as sensual stripping. The first few pages caught me up in their story, and I read almost non-stop until I finished. Rising Star Reviews