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Grew up in Notting Hill, London in the sixties. Went to a boarding school in Norfolk and then local schools. Got a job as a porter (not reporter) at the BBC London, worked in a jewellery factory and also at a solicitor's office as a trainee legal executive. I'm a creative spirit who likes dabbling in music and art. I always wanted to write literary suspense books with a melodramatic element and so spent years working on a formula and finally came up with an approach which I thought might work. I also always wanted to be a stand-up comedian but as a profession it appears to be too deadly serious! The funniest joke I ever heard was told by American comedian, Jerry Seinfeld - the sock joke. (You might be able to Google it). I am also very fond of dogs and cats and have had several pets in the past. At the moment I am a magnet for stray cats who seem to like my back garden. They all take turns at the food bowl while strictly keeping their distance from each other! Observing these animals does give you a clue about how the animal brain works which isn't far from the workings of the human brain I reckon! All grist for my suspense book formula! But with all my interests, I have to be careful not to neglect one at the expense of the other. If I manage to achieve anything at all, I think being a writer of suspense books would be the thing! Going off at a tangent, I was once asked what the most interesting thing about me is, and after thinking about it, I have to say that in the 1960s, I once had tea with the daughter of the Captain of the Titanic in her cottage up in Suffolk. Miss Smith was a lady with a big personality and a very interesting home. She was surrounded with Titanic memorabilia wherever you looked. I was only a boy at the time and didn't appreciate the significance of all this stuff, but regret not quizzing her on the catastrophic event which has forever featured large in shipping folklore!

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What do you read for pleasure?
Books on the paranormal, new age, parapsychology, esoteric yoga, books by Mantak Chia etc anything which points to a better future and shows us how we can empower ourselves.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I used to have a Kindle but don't anymore. I am open to anything useful and don't really know which device is the best to have.
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Lady Collendon's Cook
In 1939, Mrs Green was just a humble cook working in an English country manor when a diplomatic incident turns her world upside down. She is unfairly accused of poisoning an important German guest at a dinner party. A belligerent Nazi Germany demands her prosecution and a conniving British civil servant is only too happy to press charges. Unless he is halted in his tracks, her life will be ruined forever.


Lady Collendon's Cook - Meet Mrs Green, Good Cook, Evil Poisoner
Price: Free! Words: 198,340. Language: English. Published: September 12, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Historical » United Kingdom, Fiction » Literature » Literary
(5.00 from 3 reviews)
As a cook working for Lady Collendon, Jewish Mrs Green is accused of poisoning a Nazi diner. But was it true? Read her story.

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