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I am a student. I really like reading.I hope oneday i can write something like other authors!


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  • Hope: Her Dark Past on Oct. 01, 2018

    This novel is so good, thank you. After I finished reading the novel, I felt so deeply that I could not stop crying. This is the best short story I have ever seen. Excuse me, can I ask about your creative background and source of inspiration? What is the character of Umang's sister in the article? Is she ashamed of her brother? Because she felt sorry for her brother, but she was also miserable because her brother's fate was already doomed. But the name of her brother has a meaning of hope, as well as a glimmer of hope in the face of her death. So the title I think should be understood as hope in a desperate situation. I don't know if that's right? I'm really sorry that I have so many questions to learn after reading the novel. However, if it is convenient for you, I look forward to your reply. Thank you! or could you sent email to me ? (It's my email: