Herb Marlow


Herb Marlow has been featured on TV, radio and in print publications nationwide. He is an established authority on childhood issues, a motivational speaker for children and adults, a professional counselor, copywriter and a rancher. He and his wife presently reside on a small working ranch in East Texas.

Dr. Marlow has published thirty-five books, 23 for children, young adults and adults, and 12 professional works addressing counseling issues, writing and education, and a trilogy of books on parenting. As a freelance writer, Herb’s stories and articles have been published in many national periodicals and professional journals, as well as online blogs.

Herb is a captivating speaker and storyteller whose tales engage children and adults alike. Bringing his own real-life stories of challenge and triumph into each speaking engagement, he helps people see their worlds from a higher point of view.

Taking full advantage of his Western roots, Herb has written Dangerous Ground, a series of eleven short stories, to please readers who are themselves living in the West, as well as those who live there in their imaginations. The descriptions of cattle and horse work in the book come from his own experiences, though the cattle he raises and works today are much tamer than the longhorns of those wild days of yesteryear.

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