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  • Seven Steps to Inner Power on Aug. 04, 2011

    I highly recommend this book! The Bible and Seven Steps have become the books I live my life by. I used to be suicidal, but Dr. Kim's life story and her "He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not!" motto and philosphy motivated me and gave me hope me that it is possible for me too to overcome what I think are obstacles and to get through hard times in my life. And to be a better person for it. I can pick up Seven Steps any time, and I've found it amazing that no matter how randomly I open the book, what ever Dr Kim has written about, that is on the page I open to, gives me new insight into things I'm currently facing.
  • The Silent Master - Awakening the Power Within on Aug. 23, 2011

    5+ Stars! "The Silent Master" expands on the themes, insights, and help Dr. Kim first lays out in “Seven Steps to Inner Power”, and includes examples of real experiences some of her students have gone through, applied what Dr Kim teaches, and learned from. For myself, I have a college degree in computer engineering, and when I graduated I thought I was set for life. But I quickly found out, out in the ‘real world,’ that college doesn't teach anything about real life or how to really live a life that that is fulfilling and positive. At the time, I settled and figured that ok, you just muddle through life and try to not lose all hope or get depressed and/or suicidal. Then I was lucky that a friend gave me a copy of Dr. Kim’s "Seven Steps to Inner Power." And my view and my approach to my life changed. Dr Kim’s life is a phenomenal story of overcoming hardship and prejudice to reach great success. Her life story and philosophy towards life gave me hope, inspiration and motivation. Since then I have read and re-read Dr. Kim’s books. From Dr. Kim’ books I have gained more insight and in-depth understanding about life, and how to take charge of my own life, than I ever got from any text book or heard from any professor.
  • The First Element - Secrets to Maximizing Your Energy on Oct. 06, 2011

    I have read and found Dr. Kim's previous books very beneficial to my life. In "First Element" Dr Kim gives more detail and detailed explainations and examples about life, energy, and common life experiences. I thought, "Oh that's what's behind that!" many times as I read 'First Element." Its like getting a peek behind life's curtain. I have a greater understanding about my own life and daily experiences now after reading Dr Kim's, "The First Element". I highly recommend this book.