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Former actress/theater director Christina Hamlett is an award winning author, instructor, ghostwriter and professional script consultant whose credits to date include 26 books, 133 plays, 5 optioned feature films, and hundreds of articles and interviews that appear in trade publications throughout the world.

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  • How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in School on Dec. 12, 2013

    I often consider myself fortunate to have been a toddler in a pre-technology age. Yes, there was radio and television but they figured only minimally in terms of educating me or keeping me mindlessly entertained. I also seem to recall that my favorite toys were sans batteries and that I could be mesmerized for hours with "talking" sock puppets, blowing bubbles, making hand-shadows on the walls, collecting fallen flower petals, and turning the pages of a colorful book as the nearest available parental read out loud to me. As a result of these experiences - all of which were "free" - I knew how to read, write, talk up a storm, color pictures and do simple math before I ever started school. Margaret Welwood's book may be small in terms of page count but it packs a pleasant punch of happy memories and serves as a reminder to today's parents, grandparents and guardians that the very best thing they can spend on the little ones in their lives is Time. It's a message that can't be repeated often enough, especially the concept of carrying on conversations with toddlers even though logic might otherwise tell you that they haven't a clue about, oh say, what the national deficit, global warming, or supply side economics even means. Although I don't have children myself, some of my most fun exchanges have been with the pint-sized offspring of our neighbors. When their parents proudly reveal that the kids are starting to talk ahead of their developmental "schedule," I can only conclude that it's because they have a lot to say in response to what I've been telling them ever since they were born. Accordingly, I'd happily recommend this title as a gift for new parents and any other adults who will be interacting with a complex bundle of joy.
  • Dark Secrets on Feb. 11, 2014

    MUSIC TO A SENSUAL ROMANCE LOVER'S EARS! Although this is Ms. Harwood's first foray into sensual fiction, I'm already predicting that she'll one day give serious competition to veteran authors like Nora Roberts. From the very first page, she grabs the reader's attention with a gut-wrenching dilemma - a pregnant young heroine being blackmailed and threatened by the mother of her true love to write him a break-up letter, leave town and never return. Twenty-four years later, we're introduced to Angela, the beautiful offspring of that ill-fated romance, who has come to Texas to start a new chapter of her own on the ranch she inherited from her mother. Harwood skillfully captures the rough and tumble ambiance of an environment that is untamed despite its firm footing in the 21st century. Not only can we feel the burn of those triple digit temperatures but also experience the sweaty heat of the burgeoning attraction between Angela and a hottie local musician. The presence of a creepy stalker adds to the suspense, along with an all too common theme of women who endure the pain of abusive relationships rather than spend their nights alone. My only cautionary note is that this novel is a rather lengthy one; you may not want to dive into its pulse-pounding pages and sexy dynamics unless you can take the phone off the hook, hang a Do Not Disturb sign on your doorknob, and make your family fend for themselves until you have finished the final juicy chapter.