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Hamma Mirwaisi is dedicated to the vision of binding together the western, Christian countries, especially the United States, and countries of the Middle East including parts of Asia (the territories of the Achaemenid Empire without the land occupied by Arab’s), through mutually profitable economic interests. Born in Kurdistan/Iraq, in the Kurdish village of Chwar-claw, he spent the early years of his life participating in the struggle to free the Kurds from the tyrannical rule of Saddam Hussein.
Hamma and his wife, Showgar, eventually left Iraq in 1975 went to Iran as refugee to be alive after the collapse of Kurdish people revolutions then. Thanks to the Persian, Kurds and Geilani or say Rudbari we survived the Arabs atrocity. In pursuit of a better life Hamma and his wife Showgar moved to North Dakota, USA with their two children in 1976, where Hamma obtained a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of North Dakota. The following 33 years of his life have been spent working as a Design Engineer and logician, including two years working as analyst and translator in Iraq and Qatar on projects aimed at stabilizing the region. Hamma Mirwaisi currently resides in Castle Rock, Colorado, where he spends his free time enjoying the outdoors and playing with his grandchildren.
His passion involves research into the eleven thousand year history of his people and of the many Iranian Empires that rose up during those millennia before their final destruction by the legendary Macedonian, Alexander the Great. Part I and II of this book is based on his research and is a unique analysis of the history of the region and his people using fictional and historical figures to tell the stories of the dynasties which ruled those many millennia before the Christian era. His research shows the importance of Zoroastrianism as a predecessor to, and the evolution of, the religions of the world.
Part III of this book is the story of the life of millions of Iraqi Kurd, but told in the third person, that of the Fourhati, born on the border between modern Iraq and Iran. It is, in its way, a personal representation of the modern and continuing tragic fate of his people, and it is a story still being played out in these early years of the twenty first century. Mullah Mustafa Barzani the leader of the Kurdish people revolutions then promised us Kurds an independent country and democratic system with rule of laws. He was exiled for thirteen years before coming back to Kurdistan. They wrote books about that how hard it was to be away from family and relative for thirteen long years. The Fourhati and his kind are exiled for thirty three years and most of the Kurds are more or less like them. Thanks to Mr. Massoud Barzani and Mr. Jalal Talabani’s, abuses with the help from the USA wrong policy of supporting people like them, the entire Kurdish populations want to get out of the country of Kurdistan now as this book is going to print.
Hamma believes that the western Christian countries’ practices toward those regions are unjust and unfair. The western Christian countries’ must have hundred of secret negotiations since Alexander the Great, Roman Empire, crusaders. And later on in the modern days of western Imperialist who divided our people to small countries and creating many false nations for us.
The most known and famous one is the Sykes-Picot agreement or treaty in 1916. The treaty was a secret agreement between the governments of the United Kingdom (UK) and France. Both countries are known for their wrong doing against the people in the region. The Russian was part of conspires always from their Peter the Great to modern days.
He also believe that both the people of those “western” countries (Europe, Russian and the US) and the majority of the people living in the territories of the former Iranian Empires are related by blood; and that fact is important to his effort to bring about reconciliation and the development of economic ties between those two regions of the world.
A major historical theme for Hamma is the actions of the Greek Empire, and the Roman Empire which followed, using Christian religion to create hatred between the two regions. The Islamic Arab Empire which later conquered the Iranian Empire, and the Islamic Turkish Empire which followed, used their Islamic religion to justify a war with the Christian countries. As time goes on animosity and hatred seem to be building between the two world communities and will have disastrous consequences unless something is done.
Hamma also believes that the modern western Christian countries are involved in a conspiracy toward the region. They have been, in this modern era, helping dictators and corrupt rulers with the intention of hurting peoples of Islamic world, especially within countries of the former Iranian Empire. The USA support of Shah of Iran in 1953 is an example for wrong doing.
The solution will only be found when these Christian countries stop their wrong and unjust practices in the Islamic world; he can come up with hundred of unfair practice by these powerful countries for example Treaty of Lausanne (July 24, 1923) and many similar treaties. Rich and sophisticated countries can do harm to poor, less sophisticated countries by supporting corrupt governments and then robbing them of the wealth of their resources. History is our witness.
In the past the Islamic world was harmed by those Christian countries through colonialism, but both communities are hurting now. The solution to overcoming these mutual difficulties can be found when the Christian countries become willing to help create free elections and a rule of laws not by words as always saying but in reality their actions are different it is as nothing changed. They need to help the indigenous forces within the region which want free elections and the rule of law instead of, as they have in the past and now, helping the evil forces of dictators and corrupt politicians in return for their loyalty and cooperation in looting the country.
Cooperation and building are better than conspiracies and destruction. Over two thousand years of animosity won’t be eliminated in a few months however. The people on both sides need education and need to learn that cooperation and that peaceful building that Hamma calls for. In time those feelings will be changed with obvious and appropriate actions.
The population of the world is increasing rapidly. Cooperation serving mutual interests by doing business in peace is essential; it will be far more beneficial for both sides than building bombs and threatening to destroy one another. It is, in fact, the only solution preventing eventual disaster.

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