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Ahoy there everyone! I'm a wanna be writer who lives in Khartoum, and happens to have a BA in Linguistics. Want to know more about yours truly?
Alrighty :)
Writing is my life! And I aspire to write as much books as I can during my time on Earth, and after I die I will haunt the dreams of some plain Jane and force her to write the rest of my stories. Don’t worry she will be the rich & famous. What if she dies too & I’m not finished? Will I’ll hunt some more, Duh!

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Smashwords book reviews by Haneen Ibrahim

  • Five Rows Back: A Short Story on Jan. 04, 2013

    Wow! I loved it. Beautifully sad and right from the first line your sucked into the story. I really loved Melissa and related to her, both as a women and a mild OCD sufferer myself. If only the ending was different. But still a great very short story.
  • Ashes on Jan. 05, 2013

    Quiet and descriptive. I found myself in the same place with the characters, who I find quite interesting. I would really want to read their full story in a novel, and really know what was the reason for this apocalypse, this grey, raining ash world. What I loved the most is that the story stayed with me for days after i finished it.
  • Haven: The Beginning on July 28, 2014

    I liked this small book. I have nothing to add to what previous reviewers said concerning formatting and editing. The story itself is fast and has a good action scene at the end but what I liked the most the sense of reality, it's so plausible sometimes you think this can actually happen! shows the writer really knows what he's doing. Now I'll go read the next book in the series.