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  • Diary of a Teen Prodigy: The College Life on June 22, 2011

    OMG I can’t believe this story is over. It was a great piece of writing. I loved the 3 volumes. To be honest, I really was connected to the characters they felt like real people to me and that made this story so special. I loved the writing and the imagination of the writer which was creative and innovative. This story is one of the best online stories ever. I won’t ever get bored of reading it. AIm High was so helpful in showing me how to get the book and all that. thanks again for giving the chance to read this story. From this story I learned many things such as growing up is hard but not impossible. Also, this story taught me the importance of the family and friends. The Golden Boys were so cool and true friends. Nana and Rain’s friendship was awesome. I was really sad that you killed Rain but it’s okay. I really have a lot to say about this story but I’m gonna make it short by saying this story is SPECTACULAR. Thanks again. keep the good writing :D btw I loved the ending. Always have happy endings for your story. It’s just a suggestion :D
  • Rex's Revenge: Hood Love 2 on Sep. 04, 2011

    AWESOME, Rex's revenge is great I really liked it, even though I think you should have given the other characters a story. What I mean is that like Lena had a story with her foster parents the other kids should get the opportunity to tell us their story. To be honest, I guess you wrote the story in a short time that’s why you might not get the chance to give the other characters a space to speak about their past. I won’t compare it to love hood 1 coz it won’t be fair with this story coz each of them has its own high standard. All I can say is that this story was up to the level of love hood1. Yeah I forgot to say that I LOVED the ending. It was GREAT. Thanks for writing such an excellent book :D P.S On page 199 04 198 you wrote “That’s when Miles jumped into action despite having Roscoe and Newt guns trained on him.” Isn’t Miles dead already? thanks!!