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The manual that God wrote; that we were all supposed to receive at birth, explaining how to interpret the body’s signals, is out of print. ~unknown philosopher from antiquity

Before we ramble on about ourselves, we'd like to say that whether you be a woman, or a man who truly cares for the females in his life, we feel this is the most comprehensive, fun, inspiring resource about surviving modern female life that has been put together. We hope you enjoy it and we know you will get a LOT out of it.

***Due to the limitations e-readers offer hi-resolution illustrations, we offer the text only version here at Smashwords. Please visit our site or email me to be kept informed as to the availability of the complete illustrated version, also coming available for print through Amazon.

Happy Smart Me is a manifestation from the personal journeys of two regular women in pursuit of improved health & vitality, natural beauty and fitness, peace of mind and happiness within this fast-paced, convenience driven, flailing health care system world that tends to look at one piece of the puzzle and not the ‘big picture’ of health and wellness. The two became painfully aware of how complicated, time consuming, and quite frankly boring it can be to sift through large numbers of books, websites, doctors, medications, supplements, diets, and work-outs during their individual healing processes. Many were helpful; many were not very helpful at all, and the majority again missed the big picture, not connecting the dots.

Laurie Smith
Laurie is an original thinker and a creative graphic designer whose design career has been primarily focused on the food and wine industry. Laurie learned early on that food is truly a powerfully motivating force in our lives. She put herself through school working with passionate chefs and winemakers and learned many tools of the trade. Leading to the Happy Smart Me book, Laurie went through exhausting experiences of hormone fluctuations that greatly affected her well-being, creativity, and adrenal fatigue that bordered on depression. When main-stream doctors fell short of answers beyond the standard “here’s a pill”, she sought holistic solutions focused around wholesome foods, lifestyle changes, and alternative medicines and practices such as herbal supplements, kinesiology and acupuncture to heal and feel better than ever. With over 20 years of experience in the food and wine industry she is quite the connoisseur. She is passionate about cooking delicious wholesome food (even on a budget), and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle that is pleasurable, practical, supports her busy schedule and keeps creativity flourishing. As a graphic designer and artist, passionate about food, passionate about learning and passionate about sharing, Laurie decided that a book that simplified, consolidated, inspired and graphically engaged readers to learn and understand what really taking care of oneself this day in age is all about, was missing and much needed, so she set out to do just that. Proudly wearing the hats of daughter, friend, sister, friend, lover, caretaker, entrepreneur, mentor and health advocate, Laurie is excited to share all she has learned and continues to learn about living happy, healthy, and smart, in a holistic way that is accessible and fun.

Elizabeth Lund
Elizabeth is imaginative and a talented Yoga and Pilates instructor, and Personalized Trainer with over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry (as well as an avid belly dancer and former professional samba dancer of over 10 years). In addition to physical fitness approaches, Elizabeth teaches breathing, meditation, and visualization techniques. She has personally experienced adrenal fatigue, hormonal fluctuations, weight issues, food intolerances, chronic pain and stress, and asthma. Elizabeth also sought holistic solutions where conventional western medicine fell short and found ways to manage, heal, and overcome the lot with the help of acupuncture, appropriate chiropractic treatment, breathwork and meditation, practicing yoga and Pilates, appropriate diet adjustments and Dr. recommended supplements, and staying positive and proactive about her health and healing process through a “homeostasis approach” to reclaim her body and vitality. All of this led to living and promoting a life of health and fitness. Proudly wearing the hats of daughter, sister, friend, aunt, wife (trying for mother), entrepreneur, mentor, and health & fitness advocate, Elizabeth is enthusiastic to share her expertise and joy for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle that does not sacrifice flavor or fun.
Laurie knew that this special project needed a collaborator, one who would honor and respect it as much as she did, with the same approach, that it is about girls and women of all ages and backgrounds, health, happiness and so many factors, where ego would not fit. She also knew the subjects within the book are challenging, thought provoking, polarizing and even political, so this special person must be objective, fair and thorough. Elizabeth and Laurie set forth to manifest the Happy Smart ME, a guide book to live a happy, smart and healthy life, female to female.

From Laurie & Elizabeth

We have known one another for 21 years and have inspired one another with books and insights along the way. Although we come from very diverse backgronds we both know what it is like to grow up in areas where there was no real constant access to healthy foods (think canned fruit in syrup, french-fries, tater tots or nachos with some sort of cheese sauce and chocolate milk at school lunch for example…apparently french-fries and tots counted as veggies!), and limited to no access to forward thinking doctors, or alternative doctors and medicine. Having read what seems like every book written about getting through this crazy thing we call life, we found that the majority of the books about health were textbook like, often confusing, and rather boring. Although there was a lot of important information, they vaguely touched on (if at all) the interconnectedness of all of the body processes and how the body works to maintain balance and health (homeostasis).
We combined forces, strengths and alliances, to tackle the challenges women and girls face, from the basic principle of homeostasis…promoting balance. We take this concept beyond a balanced diet, to a balanced approach to being female by first knowing the body inside and out and knowing what affects our body systems that work so hard for us to keep an internal balance. We put it all in one hip and easy to read package loaded with graphics, quotes, words of wisdom and fun tips that make sense of the mundane and lend an entirely new perspective to being healthy, happy and smart.
It is our desire for ALL women and girls of ALL backgrounds to be empowered by truly understanding the mind-body-food-environment-choices connection as only we females can experience it.
Knowledge is power, plain and simple.
Be empowered.

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