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Smashwords book reviews by Hatshepsut

  • The Cordovan Vault on March 14, 2011

    This debut novel by J Monkeys is the perfect solution to the problem of what to read until the next Rick Riordan book comes out. From a bizarre Maine wedding reception to an ancient inn in the heart of historic Philadelphia, Quinn and Kayla dodge an explosion, evade and thwart criminals, run a coffee house, and learn pretty quickly that they're not your average teenagers. Their search for their missing siblings leads Quinn and Kayla to a hidden 300 year old message from one of Philadelphia's most famous residents. Unfortunately, while they are unearthing clues, the leader of an evil secret society is also searching for Quinn and Kayla. If he catches them, they won't survive. I can't wait to find out what happens to this pair of brave and talented teens on the next leg of their journey. Don't miss this one!