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  • The Unquiet Grave on Nov. 25, 2012

    What a pleasure to sit down with this story! Is one of those tales you don't want to have end because it's so enjoyable. Lovely and unique combination of Celtic mythology, undeniable magic, music you can just about hear, importance of intent, and even good mystery along the way, overlaying a cozy rural mountain setting. I know I'd want Caitlin Ross as my friend should I happen to meet her. She's well grounded in her beliefs yet open to other possibilities, all the while remaining very much human. I can't wait to start She Moved Through the Fair...and so I think I'll go do that now!
  • She Moved Through the Fair on Dec. 09, 2012

    One of the things I enjoy about Ms Lampe's character development is that nothing is absolute. The characters are neither inherently good or inherently evil, which is what you find often times in fantasy work. The characters are complex with many layers, much like an onion. Turning the pages reveals a new layer, moulding the characters into people that really could be our neighbors. I feel like I know Caitlin, Timber, and Breda personally - I'm transported into the midst of the story and just love that about Katherine's work! I enjoyed this one so much that as soon as I finished it I started on the next one (who needs sleep anyhow? :)). And, I just finished that one as well! I'm very much looking forward to The Parting Glass - thank you, Katherine, for sharing these stories with us!
  • A Maid in Bedlam on Dec. 09, 2012

    Ok, um, ya. Where to start??? The most riveting of the 3 volumes, and this one made me cry! It was extremely emotional to have a glimpse into some of the highly personal and raw emotion the characters were experiencing. It's impossible to see how Caitlin and Timber could NOT be soul kindred after what they went through in this part of their story. And that Beltane ritual...regardless of the "ooohh shiny!!!" powerful magickal moments in it, the intent was so firmly grounded and palpable, the vows so eternal, I couldn't help but be struck by it. To find that sort of connection in another soul that Caitlin and Timber have clearly found in each other...it's gotta be a one in a million thing - and to feel like I was witnessing it was truly special. Thank you again, Katherine, for sharing your talent with us! Can't wait for The Parting Glass!
  • The Parting Glass on Dec. 31, 2012

    Another winner in my humble opinion! Having gone to school in Boulder it was such a nice visit to that fun and eclectic town again - Ms Lampe paints a vivid portrait thru words of the vibe that is Pearl Street. And most intriguing and fascinating it was to visualize the spark-filled way Caitlin's and Timber's worlds collided and knitted together. I also thoroughly enjoyed the melding together of different magickal facets while maintaining a noted respect for each branch, it gave the story lots of of depth and color. Watching as the tension built from the moment Timber spooked Caitlin on her doorstep 'til they finally surrendered to it was exhilarating if not agonizing at the same time :). Nothing more powerful than the magick created by sexual passion! This really gives great background and foundation to the characters I've already know and love and am eager to continue learning about them. Thank you again for another great one, Katherine!!!
  • The Fits o' the Season on Jan. 19, 2013

    As mentioned in reviews of the previous Caitlin Ross series by Katherine Lampe, I definitely feel as though I've come to know both Caitlin and Timber like I know dear old friends of mine. However, the story of how Timber got to be Timber and how he and Caitlin crossed paths was definitely something I was excited and eager to learn. Much of this collection of short stories reminds me of mythology of a long forgotten age of story telling. It touches on the true humanity of the characters whilst injecting some fantastic magic with Timber's journey to Scathach's home on Skye. So many layers The Ring represent as well, and Timber's hard fought battle against their darkness was scary as well as riveting. I hope that Ms Lampe continues to flesh out the characters in the series (particularly Caitlin) as I think it adds so much color to an already deeply hued story. We wait with baited breath, Katherine!!!