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  • The Second Coming on April 03, 2010

    WOW! David H. Burton is going on my favorite author list. First, he strikes me as someone who is highly intelligent. I think he has studied the Bible and knows a lot about other religions because he pulled so many events together that made me think a lot about Revelations and how Christians expect it to happen. What we expect the tribulation to be like. I have a friend who has explained to me that she believes that Adam and Eve were not the first people on the Earth, but were the first that God created in his image. She believes that Lilith existed. One of the examples she gave to me was in Genesis 1:28 where God told Adam and Eve to go forth and replenish the Earth. How could you replenish it if there was nothing there? She gave me quite a few scriptures that supported this theory and I still don’t know what I think about that. I’m not a biblical scholar and I don’t have all the answers. That is what this book is based on though. The fact that before Adam and Eve there was the Firstborn who disappeared from the Earth until after “the shift”. Then they returned and they were just as confused to find us here as were them. And doing what humans tend to do, they fight what they are afraid of, that which is different from themselves. You, yourself, might be one of the rare people who doesn’t do this, but if we are honest and look into ourselves, we see it every day. Not everyone goes to war and physically fights people over their differences, but there are other things that happen because of this behavior, racism and homophobia come to mind first for me. There is so much going on in this book that it’s hard to come up with a sentence or two to describe the characters. There are so many characters that are intricate to the book. From Paine and Lya to Little Doe, Brahm, Friar John, Puck, other characters that we get a glimpse of and then at the end of the book they either come back or their appearance in the book is tied to the story in such a way that they were essential. When I hit next page for the last time on my Kindle and finished the last sentence, I said, WOW out loud. My husband asked me what? This book. This book – wow. Amazing. Amazing story teller. I think with the way the book ended that there will be a sequel to it. At least I’m really hoping that there will be a sequel to it and I would love to read it! I will say, if you enjoy books like the DaVinci Code that question what I would call standard beliefs, you will really enjoy this book. It’s not like the DaVinci Code in it’s story at all, but in the way the DaVinci Code created such an uproar in the religious community. I’m going to say it again – wow! What an author! Thank you to David H. Burton for providing me with an e-copy of The Second Coming. It was an amazing book!