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Smashwords book reviews by Heather Wilkinson

  • Brambleman on May 11, 2012

    The book was personally a little too unreal for me with Charlie getting shot at and beat up all the time. I also struggled with the concept of "Trouble" and what he really was. Was he working for God or the Devil? If it was for God, I had a hard time with Trouble calling Romy (a child) a whore. Otherwise, I liked how the author ended up tying his two stories together even though it seemed to drag on at times. Even though this is not the normal type of book I read, I found it to be a page turner and stayed up a few nights pretty late because I couldn't put it down. I would recommend it to a friend anytime. Now on to read Chain Gang Elementary.
  • Chain Gang Elementary on May 16, 2012

    There was a lot of similarities in Chain Gang Elementary that were in Brambleman (ie. stay-at-home dad, writer, hateful wife, etc). This book was also a little too long and could have been shortened up a few chapters. It was a good story and very true even though it was fiction. My two sons go to a public elementary school that is going to be overcrowded this year while the other schools in the district are not. I asked one of the teachers why students were not turned away to schools in their neighborhood (our city has open enrollment) and she didn't know. When my older son started school I was in PTO. I really did believe in their ideals so I don't go anymore. I think kids should be taught about giving rather than if you give you will win this. I would recommend this to my friends.
  • Dirty Little Angels on May 17, 2012

    Not sure what I thought of the book. There were a lot of characters in the story that we have no idea what happened to them. I feel like the story needs another chapter to completely close the story up.
  • Weird Golf: 18 tales of fantastic, horrific, scientifically impossible, and morally reprehensible golf on June 09, 2012

    Even though this book is a good chuckle, I was hoping it would be "real" weird golf stories instead of over-the-top imaginative stories.