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To alter an expression, truth is scarier than fiction. Like it or not the current status quo is that we're living in a cyberpunk nightmare. We're just missing more of the trans-humanism and futuristic neon soaked skylines. Although, Neuralink might be pushing us more in that direction :p.

I've succumbed to the folly of "living long enough to see myself become the bad guy," as a way to deal with my frustrations of the real world. So, I naturally created a true anti-hero graphic novel series to be a loose referendum and condemnation of this dystopian hell. As you get pulled into the book you consider it as foreign and judge the inhabitants of the world, but look closely and you'll see the truth through the subtly.

About Akiva:
"Karma, alone, is too slow to curtail the wickedness of men." - The Originator

Humanity had hoped that through technological and scientific advances that they'd become galactic utopian societies. This is not the case. The futuristic promises of America in the twenty-first century were merely a façade for what they are, which is a multi-generational caste system living in a dystopian hell.

Life has become wrought with the misery of our pacifism, but this will no longer be tolerated. Akiva was created to be the counterbalance for the ills that plague our society. This book chronicles her rather gruesome and blood-thirsty conquest to liberate her society of its greed, through any means necessary.

So, if you like dystopian cyberpunk meshed with anti-heroes, philosophy, sweater stretchers and violence...then this book is for you!

Smashwords Interview

How do you approach cover design?
That's a very tricky question, as the cover is very important. Now, with my first book I had an idea for the outfit, since it was an erotica book, and I based it around that. Once I have the starting concept I give the skeleton to my illustrator and I give her a lot of freedom, because if they are not passionate about it then it will show.

I also think marketing each others individuality and uniqueness is going to make you stand out because no one else can replicate that style, and it'll be something fresh.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Well, the first book was funded on Kickstarter. Which, is great because it'll stay on that website forever and you can link your website, after the funding period has elapsed, for people to go to in the future. So, that's basically free marketing. If people like what you're producing they will follow you, and so it's just a matter if keeping their attention and notifying them with new products/projects.

Sub Reddits have also been very good, for getting views, however I have not seen much capitol from there. Awareness of your book is the main thing and so I've attended conventions, donated books to festivals/expos and listed it on every website imaginable.
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Akiva Vol 1
Price: $1.99 USD. Language: English. Published: November 20, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Cyberpunk, Fiction » Graphic novels & comics » Science fiction
A cyberpunk graphic novel about a sexy AI, vigilante assassin, that's tasked with cleaning up her dystopian society of its greed. So, if you like dystopian cyberpunk meshed with anti-heroes, philosophy, sweater stretchers and violence...then this book is for you! *Edited nudity edition for censors. You can find uncensored editions on my website, listed in my profile section.*

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