Fred Barnett


Little Freddy Barnett was born in Far-Rockaway (Fah-Rahkaway), New Yawk. His parent’s (two) soon moved his family to the warmer waters and authentic Mexican cuisine of Southern California in the early 1960s. After marriage and a lovely daughter, it was off to Kailua, Hawaii, where he lingers, loiters and languishes today.

His previous works include two underwater videos and music recordings. Two of his current music CDs ( are “Wiki Waki Woo - Souvenirs” and “Hey Bahtoondah by the Half-Naked Savages.” In 2010, Fred published “Shark Stories” (Amazon). “Second Chances” a collection of short stories has been released this year. "Bats," a love story about two of history's most infamous Transylvanian mass murderers is up to bat, next in 2013. In 2014, he will release his full-length novel, “Shark Fin Soup — A tale of Shark Gods, Cannibals, Mad Cows and Endless Love.”

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