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Here at Heyapi Books we love the oral tradition of story telling and look for books that offer the best elements embodied by that tradition. Heyapi is Lakota for "It has been said." Imagine our short stories, poetry collections, and novels being read aloud to you, or read them aloud to others. Feel the warmth of the fire as you invite us to sit with you in the wikiup of your imagination.

Our initial offerings include several works by Riley Kilmore, including Carlos Inside Out, Out of Bounds, and Bedtime Stories for Reluctant Grown-ups. Watch for the up-coming release of Kilmore's much-anticipated epic fantasy series, Heir to Oblivion.

A poetry collection by garrie keyman is also queued for publication. Others are sure to follow, as we discover them.

If you like our book covers, be sure to check out Wolf Dog Graphics, which you can find via both facebook and through their website.

You may contact Heyapi Books by snailmail at: 3285 Horse Valley Road, East Waterford, PA, 17021. Mail intended for our authors will be forwarded to them.

Thank you for reading the works offered by Heyapi Books.

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Mike Diehm
Latest book: My Songwriting Process. Published October 5, 2012.