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  • The Ways of Eternity on Feb. 23, 2013

    This is how you tell a story! The author weaves such an amazing tale, I was drawn right in. I am not one who writes reviews often, but it is not often one gets the pleasure of reading a book like this. It makes no difference what you know or don't know about Egyptian gods and goddesses, because The Ways Of Eternity takes vague characters from history and gives them life. The author dusted-off the old volumes and infused them with vigor, purpose, hopes and dreams that we all can relate to and characters that I know I found captivating. I couldn't put the book down for wanting to know what happens to Horus next! This book comes like a breath of fresh air in that not only is the story intricate and intelligent, but it builds in such a way that I became completely absorbed in this "world" D.A. Dean has created. It takes talent to create such a complex yet believable story and characters. That I believe is a major strength of the book, the characters. Such depth is given to them that I truly began to feel right along with them. I started caring for them, especially Horus. On the description I read this is the first of a series which really has me curious and excited to see where the author takes us next. The book is so much more than Darkness vs. Light. Yes there are sides to be taken, lines drawn and battles to fight, but it is the emotions and motivations behind it all that make this story great. I will not be one who gives out too much information as not to spoil anything as this is a journey each reader makes and each will find their own answers -- just sit back and enjoy the ride.