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  • Circle City Blues on Aug. 29, 2010

    Well, I bought this book and read it on the road. You guessed it, I’m a long haul trucker. I read a lot and this book was accurate about the lives we live on the highways of America. Mac is a guy I could have met at any truck stop in the country. There a million guys out there and ten million stories. Mac’s story was a familiar one. He wife leaves him while on the road for another guy….thanks to the internet. Mac is on the road with his wife as a driving team. This is fairly common today as two drivers can drive almost all of the day and night (up to USDOT regulations). After she leaves him (in Circle City), he has to continue to drive to keep the payments up on the rig. This, I understand. Along the way he picks up a new driver named Rocky who is new to the business and continues along the highway. He goes through the different stages of grief as he tries to make sense of his loss and deciede his future. Mac travels from Florida to California to the Pacific Northwest and discovers humor and some grief everywhere he goes. He finds hope in Amarillo and purpose in New Orleans. All in all a very good read that is mostly correct about the “life”. I would recommend it to anyone as it’s not laden with trucking terms but really about the characters. Check it out, you will like it. Especially at this price. BTW…you will love the wedding at the end.