Jareth Boigess


Bored of all the normal court paperwork His Majesty Jareth, plucked up a quill and has began scratching out tales, myths and legends floating thru his mind.
Now that the writing bug has bit him hard on the back of his leather clad hand, most days twixt fanciful flights around his kingdom are taken up with scrawled words penned upon page upon page, these stories he has long kept quiet til now.

These Legacies of the 7 Realms of the Underground are still unfolding, as they demand to be released from his mind to the watchful and ever yearning eye of the reader.
Some not so real, some not so fantasy, but all vivid and calling to be breathed into being as only a Unseelie Fae could weave such stories.
Not all stories revealed will have the happiest of endings but not all will have the saddest of tragedies either.

As most of his works are still in progress, sadly none are ready to be shared with the hopeful reader, except what is presented in a few teaser chapters around the web of the internet.

One could say hes still settling himself into the literary world for now as he frantically writes he has found some amazing authors that give him truly wonderful reading pleasures, and highly recommends them to others!

Robinette Waterson
Alice Liddell
Tabitha Black
Sullivan Clarke
T.K. Wrathbone

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