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Christopher Hunter is 29 at the time of his first publication. He currently lives in Ellenwood, GA and will publish more titles in the months and years to follow.

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The Days and Months We Were First Born- The Post-New York Edition
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 77,110. Language: English. Published: February 11, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Apocalyptic, Fiction » Adventure » General
After surviving an epic and far-reaching tragedy that claimed his future, his girlfriend, his family, and even his hometown of New York City, Martin Jacob finds himself alone and on an abandoned hotel rooftop. Without a clue where to go and start anew, he faces the task of navigating a different and dangerous world, with only a gun, a hunting knife, and four bags of supplies and food. Dr. Carl Ru
The Days and Months We Were First Born- The Journey
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 39,570. Language: English. Published: July 10, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » General
(4.00 from 2 reviews)
Martin Jacob and his new family must travel across a post-apocalyptic Midwest to find a new home in Texas. Will they make it? Edited as of December 10, 2011
The Days and Months We Were First Born- Family By Fate
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 38,010. Language: English. Published: March 27, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » General
(3.00 from 2 reviews)
After surviving an epic and far-reaching tragedy, Martin Jacob must continue forward to forge a new life in a post-apocalyptic world. He finds some new friends along the way. Edited as of December 10, 2011
The Days and Months We Were First Born- The Unraveling
Price: Free! Words: 43,050. Language: English. Published: December 28, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » General
(4.86 from 7 reviews)
On a hot July morning in the year 2068, New Yorker Martin Jacob discovers that his life and world will never be the same. Edited as of December 10, 2011

Smashwords book reviews by Christopher Hunter

  • The Before Building on Feb. 26, 2011

    The book is brief and it leaves more questions than it does answers, but this is a very good read. The author does a great job of taking the reader inside the character's head. We see things as he see things, we learn as he learns. It's a fascinating and vague post-apocalyptic world created here. For a dollar and a couple of hour's time this is a really good value. CJH
  • The Machines on March 08, 2011

    The Story is actually worth three in a half stars but Smashwords doesn't have that option yet (We all should talk to Mark about that). It's an easy enough story to follow, and it is understandable that it is short, but it was a little too vague for me. A whole lot of better than this, more advanced than that, so many years before so so. The end was very strong though.
  • Write Good or Die on March 19, 2011

    This is very good information for free. Any writer is bound to find something they'll find helpful. There were moments where it lost my attention, but overall, the it's strait talk from authors about the industry. It was very much worth my time.
  • Redtooth on April 12, 2011

    Four stars because it's free. To be fair, this is a very entertaining story. It rolls right along, Bob is likeable as a main character, and the timing of the comedy is spot on. There are a couple of gaping holes, though. (How did the stern face guy change his tire so fast? Exactly why did Bob HAVE to get out of the car?). But as long as someone doesn't take this entirely too serious, it's twenty minutes well spent.
  • AstroTown - The Future of Humankind on Oct. 24, 2012

    Really enjoyed this book. I read it in one day and found it to be thoroughly entertaining. For a good price this novella is a deal, but for free it's an absolute steal. If you are looking for a quick read you are almost certain to find this one worth your time. Mr. Fonseca's writing is very original and beautifully simplistic. I felt a connection with the main character, Paul, immediately, and I was drawn into the strange world right along with him as he went through this unusual adventure. I'll be on the lookout for more books from this author. He has earned himself a fan today.
  • Time Flies on Jan. 27, 2013

    Excellent read. Micheal P. Rogers gives you just what you need for a quick Sci-fi fix. Very nice entertainment for under ten minutes. I look forward to reading more.