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Smashwords book reviews by Lucy

  • Open Mic on March 01, 2011

    It is amazing how a message can spur such emotion/action in all of us. Author, Big Daddy Abel, is no exception. In this concise work, he shares his strong opinions on a message he received regarding immigration, language and religion: Three very hot topics in this nation, and those upon which all readers will most likely have their own, robust opinions. Whether or not you agree with BDA, you should agree that he hits a nerve, but does so in a way to encourage the reader to THINK about their stance on these topics, and to be open-minded enough to listen to opinions that differ from one's own. It is my viewpoint that the underlying message in this work is not just about the obviously stated opinions, but more so the stark counseling to open one's ears, open one's mind and open one's heart to differing perceptions. Take the time to read "Open Mic." You may learn something about BDA, as well as about yourself.