I am a girl from a small town. I have been a sub my whole adult life, but have recently jumped into the role of dominatrix. Due to my own experiences as a sub, I have zero tolerance for misbehavior. My books are extreme and may be disturbing to some of you. That said, I do hope you enjoy my Sissy Boy series, which shows the beginning of a mutual sub/Domme relationship that later turns deliciously disturbing. My main character is Carl, who becomes completely dominated and humiliated by his wife, Debbie. The pain is real. The thrill more so. Join me on my writing adventure, if you dare.

Smashwords Interview

Why did you start writing erotica?
Writing began as a hobby for me. Then I did some short pieces for an online BDSM group I was part of. The readers enjoyed what I did and encouraged me to start a book.
Do you prefer being a sub or a Domme?
Both roles are amazing, but I am most comfortable being a sub. Being a Domme is roleplay for me, but being a sub is who I am. I need the humiliation and the loss of control. However, when I am playing the role of Domme, it is similar to stress relief and I can often take it too far, hence Debbie's character in my series. She is a classic case of a Domme taking her control to the extreme.
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