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Dianna Winget has lived in the Pacific Northwest since she was nine years old, and has been writing just as long. One of her favorite activities is reading a great book while stuffed in a recliner between her two dogs. Dianna's debut middle grade novel, "A Smidgen of Sky," was chosen as an ABC Indie-Bound New Voices Pick and is partially based on her own experience as a stepparent. It features spunky Piper Lee, a young girl determined to stop her mother from getting remarried at any cost, until she realizes "any cost" may be way too high. The funny and heartwarming sequel, "A Sliver of Sun,"--book #2 of the Piper Lee DeLuna series was released two years later.

Another middle grade, "A Million Ways Home," was published by Scholastic Press in August of 2014. It was chosen as a featured selection in the Scholastic Mother-Daughter book club, and in the Scholastic Book Fair and has received many glowing reviews from young readers.

You can learn more about Dianna and her books at her website. www.diannawinget.com

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
By the time I was nine years old I knew I wanted to be a writer. I would watch my favorite TV shows, like Dukes of Hazard and MacGyver and then rewrite the episodes adding myself in as a young character. This was my favorite activity for years! I kept notebooks crammed under my bed so nobody would read my secret masterpieces. Even though I don't have time for that type of writing anymore, I still think it's a lot of fun.
Why do you write for middle grade readers?
I was blessed with parents who read to me from the time I was tiny. But I think it was about age 10 that I truly fell in love with books for myself. Kids between 8-12 are facing so many changes and learning so much. When you're that age you know you're no longer a little kid, though sometimes you wish you were. And you're certainly not an adult either, though sometimes you wish you were. And I think it's that mix of feelings, that tug of war, that make tweens connect so strongly with characters and stories. It's just a magical age to write for. That and the fact that maybe I'm still a kid inside :)
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