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Smashwords book reviews by Hongske

  • Stray : Touchstone Part 1 on Sep. 14, 2011

    I absolute loved this book. This is a very well written story in first-person-perspective, reminiscent of Arthur Conan Doyle's style in the Sherlock Holmes stories. I don't usually like journal-styles, but this one really pulled me into the story and was hard to put down. You empathize with the characters, especially Cass, as they amble along the story. The descriptions of the different settings made me feel like I was experiencing the story myself, and the futuristic world she eventually finds herself in is rather realistically written: I could imagine being in a world like that (could even imagine our world evolving into that). You can almost feel Cass' emotions as she goes through her adventure: When she got frustrated I wanted to throw things around and when she was overjoyed at learning something new I felt like jumping. All in all, a brilliant read and I'm looking forward to reading the next part!