Smashwords book reviews by HookedonNook

  • Heller's Girlfriend on Jan. 23, 2012

    Just finished. Wow, what a ride. I found JDs books in November and the are all great. I read 5-10 books a month. Hers are tops in my. Book for character development, first person, emotion, humor, suspense. Go girl! Write faster!
  • Heller on Jan. 25, 2012
    (no rating)
    Intriguing characters, humor, omg scenes. Love this series and Blood Ties too but Heller my favorite. JD Nixon's first 2 are free so go for it. Refreshing to see multifaceted character development with unexpected twists. Would have cheerfully paid for free books and double cost of the others. JD, keep writing girlfriend. There is no reason you can't earn living with you writing.
  • Heller on Jan. 25, 2012
    (no rating)
    Sorry--skipped well deserved 5 star rating. Yes there are some similarities to Evanovich but much richer, deeper than the more recent "rinse, repeat" Evavoviches. Any of JD's worth cost of Evanovich. I felt ripped off with last few. Tillie is marvel.
  • Heller on Jan. 29, 2012

    Fantastic series by new author with bright future ahead of her. She says she' ll be headed back to her fulltime job if writing can' support her . Let's see to it that we support her. Heller is for all of us who ever had lofty ambitions or changed careers. Has humor, drama, love, hate, something for all. JD I love what you do!
  • Blood Ties on Jan. 29, 2012

    JD is multi-talented new author whose books are outstanding. This series has quirky characters, long- suffering heroine, conflict which kept me turning pages all night. This one is free-try it. Then get "Heller" free. Heller has different flavor but also delicious. All Nixon's books worthy of our time, support, and money. Book 3 due spring. Can't wait.
  • Heller's Punishment on March 06, 2012

    Amazing characters with believable growth and regression at times. HP doesn' t disappoint! Devoured within 20 hrs. of purchase despite working. Will re-read immediately as I did all JD's other books. I didn't think I'd say this but I'm glad we're going to visit Tessie next after the intensity of this one. Kudos and hurry on over to Tess and Finn's world.
  • Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo (Toronto Series #1) on May 02, 2012

    Heather Wardell is one of my favorite authors. Glad to have find her here. I started with Polar Bear....and have read all of them on NOOK. This is free and you'll be saying, like me, I'd have paid for it.
  • Color Me Grey: Book One of the Alexis Stanton Chronicles on May 19, 2012

    I, too, delight in discovering great new authors on Smashwords and was pleased to find JC Phelps after finishing up all of JD Nixon's "Heller" series and "Blood Ties" series. Love the strong women stories. Alexis fits. I went on to read the 2nd installment as a result of my pleasure with this one. JC, keep your motivation and don't get into a rut so to speak. I've begun 3rd installment. Will there be more?
  • The Iowa Farmer's Wife on Aug. 14, 2012

    Engaging characters, food for thought (pun intended), mystery, relationships, something for everyone. Downloaded sample of Second Chance. Read this one in one evening. Looking forward to future installments.
  • Memories Can Be Murder: A Girl and Her Dog Cozy Mystery on Sep. 20, 2012

    Having read the first 4 Charlie Parker books, I came to to this one with higher expectations and was left a bit wanting. But this is a solid 3 star anyway. Hoping this installment was a transitional or regrouping book.
  • Threads, a Blaine Horney Mystery on Sep. 20, 2012

    No thanks,
  • The Queen of Cool on Sep. 20, 2012

    There is sadness and regret. However, the melancholy is the value of this read. Sometimes, we need the sad and low to appreciate the happy and high.
  • Blood Feud on Dec. 09, 2012

    JD Nixon's talent shines again in this 3rd venture to Little Town. Emotional throughout with JS's trademark humor. This feature length book was worth every sleep-deprived minute. I am rereading now to capture each nuance and take another roller coaster ride.
  • Undercover Secrets on Feb. 28, 2013

    This was first book by this author and I enjoyed it. Enough so that I have read the first of the "Chocolate" books and plan to read the 2nd. Sally's style slowly drew me in...then kept me there.
  • Never Say Spy on April 01, 2013

    Aydan Kelly rocks but is real with very human flaws. This series was recommended due to the quality writing and character-driven fiction. I have since acquired the others as well and I look forward to #6. I plan to continue reading Diane Henders for the foreseeable future.
  • Undercover In High Heels on May 27, 2013

    I enjoy these characters for the escape and humor. This was book 3. Maddie and. Dana make quite the duo.