Colt Farrow

Smashwords book reviews by Colt Farrow

  • Only by Chance on July 26, 2020

    Not a bad story, Lacy and Lauren are two likable characters that have a chance meeting and just a shame that the author didn't write a full book verse doing a short story.
  • Seeds of Love (Seasons of Love Book One) on July 26, 2020

    Not bad, just a shame that she did write full novels with these stories, liked both Emily and Amanda and hope she'll write more about them.
  • The Avery Detective Series: Books 1-3 on Sep. 25, 2020

    Thanks to book and the author Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue for the advance Arc copy for my honest review. This is my first read from the author, not getting into this at all, so far don't like her writing style and we'll see as I read the other books if that changes. Book 1 - Sentiment of the Heart, it's a hot mess, wasn't getting into it, it's unrealistic, nor believable, predictable and just asinine. So Parker plans with a customer to take his granddaughter Kay to a remote deserted island to look for buried yet they bring nothing with them as far as a backpack for food or water. Yet Parker whose a private detective, doesn't have a weapon or any survival gear and just brings her smokes. Then you got them paddling in what I believe is a john boat for an hour, from the island to mainland, of course lets sugarcoat it by saying they hit the tides just right, they arrive at a beach and miraculous it's near Parker's house. Just seems it would have made more sense to just have John fire up his pleasure boat, then drop them off where Parker left her sports car. Let me add that I liked the Kay character, so it had my interest but it's more the author's writing that made me want tojust not bother with continuing, although I slogged through it, the bigger problem is that as you read your learn tidbits to the story and it be a better read if the storyline was strong verse being a weak one. I'd give this one, 1 star. Only since you can easily figure it out, it's no real mystery, kind of stupid in a way and even dumber the murder that gets solved. So it takes someone getting shot nearly dying, to realize they saw their partner through a kitchen window holstering a hand gun, pulling off black outer clothes he wore over his uniform, a mask and washing his hands in a bird bath. Book 2 - Trusting Heart - Yet another hot mess, wasn't getting into it, it's unrealistic, nor believable, predictable, asinine and thankful reached the point in a book, where I consider it read. I just can't recommend this one, definitely one that I would love to see another author take these 3 books and rewrite them. It's also horrible overpriced for what your getting!