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Aspiring poet,artist, and writer. I love the horror genre and most of my work revolves around it. I'm a book nerd as well and love to read and post book reviews on my blog

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  • Frostwalker on Oct. 14, 2013

    There's something in the woods behind Jake Marsden's house, and it determined to be found. From the constant urging of nightly dreams, Jake wanders through the night stopping short of the dark woods. Soon he will discover his dreams and experiences are all part of an ancient evil lurking within his hometown of Wynn, North Carolina. Author Brandon R. Luffman's debut novel gives the reader a different take on the zombie tale, filled with intrigue,wonderful setting, and relatable characters. From the start, Jake Marsden is haunted by dreams of a light in the woods behind his house. The author sets the tone and mood letting the readers know something is not right. Is it Marsden himself or something else? The mystery is there to solve with the characters. The backdrop for this story is set in small town Wynn, Carolina during the winter. Through Luffman's style and descriptive writing, you immediately get a feel for the citizen's, and when things go south you are right there with them trying to survive. Jake Marsden is your typical geek. he loves video games, tech, and horror movies. The reoccurring dreams have him worried, and he reaches out to his best friend Eric for help. Through the persistence of Eric, Jake eventually talks to Nancy(a co-worker) and rids himself of his social awkwardness, in time to try to save his town. "Frostwalker" has it all: A range of great characters, awesome setting, and a good dose of ancient terror to go around. via: www.thegeekdomofgore.blogspot.com
  • Gruff123 on Aug. 26, 2014

    Gruff123 is a short story that deals with school bullying. It hits a familiar tone with all the the school shootings and the much needed spotlight on bullying that is going on. The author's method of dealing with the bully in this story is a gory, effective, and entertaining. His writing style is easy to follow with vivid descriptions and good characters. While Gruff123 has a suitable moral I wouldn't recommend letting younger children read this as it has violence and adult themes. For horror aficionados like myself, I highly recommend reading this story. The author is one to watch as he has the skill and potential for big things.