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In the first novel of the “With These Eyes” – quadrilogy, (Good Energy Press) writer Horst Steiner’s characters explore the mysteries of an ancient source of unlimited energy.
The story illuminates the challenges quantum power will bring to a society largely driven by the inequity of the energy trade. The heroine Isabelle’s only armaments against a global industrial power are the enlightened ways needed for a society to survive such powerful technological advancement. Isabelle learns that industry’s strongest weapon is fear. Her spiritual guide teaches her to tap into a stronger force that resides within all. She learns to live by compassion, when many are guided by their primal survival instinct.
Under development as a feature film, “With These Eyes” delivers the profound message that energy is everywhere.
Horst Steiner is currently writing the prequel entitled “With These Eyes – Rise of Consciousness.” The book finds the common threat in all ancient societies’ mythologies and constructs a likely reality. Rise of Consciousness walks through major historic events from the big bang to the onset of the dark ages. The story is a fun collection of man’s important events such as the end of the dinosaurs, the rise of the mammal, the gift of fire, the knowledge of writing, and a source of unlimited energy.

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