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  • Twisted Shorties II on July 02, 2013

    They put the prompt out there, we took the prompts in here Our brains were cogitating and our imaginations weird We gave a little chuckle or we shed a little tear The best results presented here. Twisted Shortie, mad gyration Of a wanton mental swirl.* If this rhyme don’t drive you crazy, Then I must not be The Girl. You put this sentence in, you take that adverb out, You hit the space bar harder and you give a little shout. You write your Twisted Shortie with a slinky little flout: Poems and stories marching out! *************** Please try these Twisted Shorties Don't even have to print them out... Verily I say to you: Tis what it’s all about! *(with sincere apologies to Jeff Brechlin)