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HPA Press publishes works that further Human Population Academy’s mission: to inform all of over 7 billion humans living on Earth about the discovery of the Catalog of human population (Catalog of Human Souls). Visit our website at http://www.HumanPopulationAcademy.org

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Welcome to the Human Population Academy!
Human Population Academy (http://www.HumanPopulationAcademy.org) empowers people with information about the Laws of Human Nature, the Catalog of Human Population (Catalog of Human Souls), and proven solutions to problems that arise in society. Now you can greatly improve quality of your life in all the factors: physical, intellectual, dietological, sexual, emotional and environmental.

Human Population Academy & Catalog of Human Souls: Introduction
Human Population Academy ( http://www.HumanPopulationAcademy.org ) Human Population Academy & Catalog of Human Souls (Catalog of Human Population): Part I: Scientific Breakthrough Discovery Part II: New Technology Part III: The Catalog of Human Population (Catalog of Human Souls) Part IV: Shan Hai Jing Part V: Practical Uses

Story of the Catalog of Human Population (Catalog of Human Souls)
Let's take a look at the history of our civilization from the relationships perspective! We will tell you a story that started at the dawn of times of our civilization, when humans were not even advanced apes yet, but simply apes...

How Men Turn Women Into Nothing: How Goddesses Are Turned Into Logs.
Series: A Log With Legs Spread Wide. Lecture 1: How Men Turn Women Into Nothing: How Goddesses Are Turned Into Logs. Women lost the "war between the sexes." Since the time of birth women are being made into logs with legs spread wide, as an indication of their main purpose—to participate in the reproduction of the human race, and be pleasant toys in the hands of men...

AHNENERBE: Your Killer Is Under Your Skin
You are a zombie, and artificial software does not care whether you are healthy, wealthy, happy or not. It does not at all care if you will survive or not. The main requirement of "Ahnenerbe" is that you execute this program. Even at the cost of your life. "Ahnenerbe" is a great tool to manipulate the work of your entire psychophysiology. It works perfectly, and you do not even suspect it!

HUMANS ARE BIO-ROBOTS Press Release - Human Population Academy
Scientists discovered that the great Leonardo da Vinci was correct in his assumptions—humans ARE bio-robots. Every person gets a program at birth. No human is able to deviate from this individual program. Anybody can be manipulated by the use of certain set programs. The question, “What is the soul?” has been answered. http://www.HumanPopulationAcademy.org

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