Writer Wannabe who as a child
wrote poetry in church hymnals and signed them "anonymous."

Never give up your dream, no matter your age. God can do miracles today.


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  • ABC Woman Finds Freedom on April 30, 2012

    Hey girlfriend!!... I double dare you to read this!! If you cannot relate to this powerful truth, then who can? The author has taken a peak at my unwritten diary, or so it would seem. I commend the women who bravely share their stories. These ABC's not only spell freedom, but invoke truth!
  • If the Battle is the Lord's... Why Am I So Tired? on May 09, 2012

    When I first read this book, I wanted to re-read it immediately, memorize the author’s gentle reminders of who we are in Christ, and carry it along as a daily guide. Most Christians are unable to embrace and then keep the truth that with God, all things are possible. Often when we become tired, worn out, and have used up all our prayer arsenal, we are left empty, wondering “what happened?” The author describes in simple terms how to utilize God’s own artillery in our personal spiritual battles, and how to find supernatural peace that can only come from God.
  • Scripture Keys for Finding Purpose after Abuse on June 07, 2012

    This accompaniment of “Keys” allows the reader to readily receive God’s word and move beyond defeat. The author’s carefully chosen verses tell the tale of victory through her Savior. Any reader in search of hope will hold these precious keys as a reminder as how much they are loved by their Maker. Some locks are meant to be opened, and these keys work well. Great pocket companion.
  • ...In His Presence on June 07, 2012

    Prepare to find yourself in the Lord’s presence. In the deepest, darkest of times, the author offers the reader consistent hope in finding truth. The journey into freedom is painted throughout the author’s thought-provoking trials, where her Savior could be found and praised, even when the journey had not yet ended. Plan to be inspired to walk in those precious moments of clarity and relief. Be encouraged as you soak In His Presence.