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One year ago, a young graduate was supposed to be enrolled in City University of New York (CUNY) to complete her Masters in Microbiology but her transcript got lost in the midst of Hurricane Sandy. As a result, her school was deferred for a whole, full year.

She was travelling around in different states in America. Wherever she went, she noticed that folks, both young and old all love to read. One day, in the state of Georgia, Augusta, she happened to pass by Barnes & Noble Bookstore. In the tiny café of Starbucks – many were sitting down chilling with a cup of coffee, with a Kindle or NOOK tablet in their hand.

At that very instant, an idea struck her! If only she could combine every single book in the world together in a tablet, then with that one tablet everyone could have access to the whole world’s books!!! With that little thought and that little spark at the back of her head, a digital publishing company was founded in Singapore – Faris Digital Solutions Pte. Ltd. with business number 201406964G.

Faris Digital Solutions does E-Book conversion into EPUB2 / EPUB3 format for Andriods devices, or IBA format for iOS devices and MOBI format for Kindle devices, so that potential readers, no matter what applications they are using, they could be offered a chance to read the books.

Today, she is currently working as a managing director in Faris Digital Solutions Pte. Ltd.
Her name is Genevieve Diong.

Finally, with the help of her best friend, Angeline (a marketing guru) and 2 other IT experts, Darren and Renzer, Genevieve is proud to announce that their website is live at last!~

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