Smashwords book reviews by Hydropioneer

  • Hydrocephalus: Floating Faithfully on Oct. 29, 2015

    I was held captive with every word well written & easy to understand not like talking with doctors. I enjoyed the dialog sections which brought memories which were very descriptive & I found being born with congenital hydrocephalus very accurate. I believe she touched on every point even the short term memory issues but her long term was intact. The weather & how it rules us & the journal keeping which is one thing I stress to the people who I chat with through Facebook . This author doesn't miss a beat talking about how she wonders about the What if's questions which we have no control but it doesn't stop us from thinking about. The denial you go through before you finally change from "Why me to "Why Not Me" I just loved it from start to finish & wanting more. But I know for more of the story what it would entail & I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Well let me change that maybe some of the doctors because they have no idea what we experience with this condition or at time disbelieve us.